Friday, February 26, 2010


I should have opened another blog just to write about how I feel about life and so on.  Since yesterday I had this so called headache! Why? I don't know. I talked to Fahya. Apparently this is a universal problem. Meaning it is not only me who faces it. Fair enough I think. I don't know others but I just have this butterfly in my stomach that make feel like nak muntah! I HATE IT!

I hate my life sometime.  Don't be surprised. I'm not perfect! I wonder why happiness is not something yang kekal abadi? Why life is like a wheel which goes round and round all day long? Geez! I know I know It's complicated but hey only if I could share this complicated things with others! Yeap adult keeps their problem inside them right? Let it stored in one small corner inside of our heart. When it grows, it will destroy the entire system of our body. There you go! CANCER hati! hmmmmmmm

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