Friday, January 8, 2010

Food, Shopping and Friends!

I have forgotten to tell my two best friends that I have real headache lately.  My head sometime spin like gasing! wavy wavy! I may  look jovial, happy, but my head like serabut pening whats wrong with my head?!!?? Yes it is not all da time. Admit Admit I also have that low blood pressure! yes stress u can say that. Stress? Why? there is something that I want that Allah still did not give me, but hey Allah takkan memberi kepada umatnya semudah A B C kan? ......cabaran kecil dalam kehidupan .....thank you to Allah too for being there everytime I need him HIM.

Anyway I called up my two friends as usual everytime i rasa depress.  Yeah I cant keep secret about me. So it is pretty easy to guess. I guess? I called them  and asked them out for lunch. Where? The Curve? too far! Alright Midvalley! And I started to tell them what's gonna happen next Febuary bla bla and so on. Damn I really forgot to tell you guys about my headache! huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa - betul betul nak masak lunch for Em and Fah somewhere in Februari nanti tungguuuuuuu.

My friend Ieja, please dont be terasa.. Okey? Yesterday I did not text you as I promised to do that whenever I was in Midvalley so that we can see each other. Perhaps yesterday was not the right time. Some other time okey darling? - wonder wonder I did write komen in your blog but till today it is not appear in your comment column? what's wrong? - As you asked me why I did not "jalan jalan" kat blog you. Well I did!! In fact I jalan jalan there every now and then :D - Your 3 S are indeed amazing!

Firstly I dah lama tak keluar lunch with Em and Fah.  Seriously the last one was kat Kopitiam hmm Subang Parade right Em? and that was just a lunch took 1 to 2 hours makan, ketawa, gossip and imbas kenangan lampau! - Yes yes we had hightea sometime but thats different because we came with our luggage! haha kids and husband except for Em her luggage is flexible! :D -

But that day when we had lunch together, we  never really thought that it was gonna be that long hours! Fah got herself a new wedges! I was like still can maintain la konon hahahaha with my kasut tinggi! - Emi selamat because she use kasut yang agak comfy.  Dahling Dahling at the end of the day I have to go to Vinci and bought kasut nipis ni.  My kasut tinggi really killing me!!!!

So tip berguna untuk anda di luar sana kalau nak keluar with kawan kawan yang sekepala a.ka. best friend forever please gunakan kasut yang sesuai :D

This was what I had during lunch time yesterday! Fish!????? Yes and It was DELICIOUS! setuju tak kalau I kata warna brokoli ituew cantik? haha. At first I wanted to order my fav ever kambing but Emi ordered that already so let me order fish and we can taste masing masing punya makanan.  Oh yes I think Chilies so far tak mengecewakan! I love to eat at Chilies! Portion memang big! Harga pun okey. Drinks? oh my my heheeh tang boleh re-fill banyak kali tu yang paling BEST sekali! betul tak?

ha! Ini Emi punya! Kambing beeekkkk beekkkkk heheheh oh rasanya SANGAT SUPERB! Wonderfull marvelous! And I just cant stay to scoop Emi's potato tu! Sedap lah!!! Hmmm hani? diet diet hahahahaha.  I think kalau kambing itu sedap tak perlu makan with sos pun dah sedap kan? Whoa! The "lada hitam" sos sungguh pedas! I guess lada hitam tu baru mari kot?? pedas dan hangat tak ingat!

Well girls check out on aksesori.  Me and Emi suka gila ngan Jam tangan Fahya ni. We really thought it was Guess rupanya bukan ler. It's SWATCH. hehehehee betul gak ek. Fancy Watch boleh menggantikan fungsi bangle! Get one! So you dont have to spend RM to buy gelang anymore :D

As for me Im not into "aksesori" thing.  I dont collection of anything. Prinsip pakai sampai hancur heheheh dari dulu lagi! Jimat pun ye gak lah. But minat and prioriti orang lain lain betul tak? If thats can make you happy just do it.  Like Emi kata biarlah Fahya shopping as itu boleh buat dia gembira. Setuju setuju. Babe? I tidur termimpi mimpi Wedges kat Charles & Keith tu! nanti la I rengek rengek kat megat kalau dia kasi beli hahahahahahah

So emi bought herself rings!!!! that cost her more than RM60! Aiyo she said not that mahal la Hani. But dahling for me yang tak minat aksesori rasa ini dah mahal dah ni baik makan! heheheh makan lagik! I tried that rings on my middle finger. Yike! tak cantik macam kat tangan Emi. Oh yes in that picture is Emi's hand. Emi kata I love middle finger. hahahahhaahah my answer is always blue! EMI DAHLING? WHO DOESNT? wink wink :P

Lupa pulak :D this was what fahya had yesterday. ha! Chicken Salad kot? 10 kali I tanya dia seriously u wanna order salad ? salad only? are u sure???????????? boleh kenyang ke nyiahh oii? Aku teringin lah! Well kalau dah teringin order la babe. karang tak tidur malam la pulak Me cukai sikit gak la but I did not eat the salad just chicken and roti nya je. Pretty easy to guess again! :D

Fahya in pink and Emi in blue where am I? tunggu la I kurus dulu hehehheh baru post gambar sendiri kat blog ni ha! cabaran tuh! huaaaaaaaaaaaa

Fahya's lugagge came around 5pm! and mine was about 7pm like that! oh Thank you Emi sabar teman I.  I appreciate that so much! muah muah.  So when Fahya's luggage was there we decided to go to Ms Read not for shopping actually but more to jalan jalan tengok tengok. I guess it runs in our blood la kan? PEREMPUAN! ada ke istilah tengok tengok? sure 'terbeli' jugak! siap hutang lagi! hahahahah Fahya? whats your account number? please text it to me so that I can transfer the balance. Thank you :D

From left:  Zarith Fahya's sister, Fahya's mom we call her auntie heheh and Emi and yes that's Fahya's Back heehhehehehehehehe!

Afif darling since you are still considered as "bawah umur" you are allowed to be in this fiiting room together with auntie hani, auntie emi and your mom. Well you obviously cant tell the world how big is my bra size, what color is my bra and so on heheheheheheheh - He loves mirror huh? eh can see auntie's emi legs la! and auntie hani's skirt and bag! - empat orang dalam fitting room ni. Besar kan fitting room ni?

there you are my luggage! came about 7.00pm! heavy traffice jam katanya! Auntie Emi dah nak balik malam karang ada date pulak ngan ehem ehem hehehhe.  Tiring and fun day for all of us I hope? I love you guys! muah muah! I hope we are live long enough to have a day like this ya.....xoxo ms jade!


Fahya said...

Hi Darling.....

I love outing cenggini tau.Nanti klu sihat tubuh badan,you organize lg ek.Nak suh aku x dapek lah....hik.You know me...
D evening was about life etc...Ade sedih , happy n so on.
Shopping do makes me happy...SO MUCH ok ...sakit kaki pon sanggup ku redah :)
Aunty x jumpa princesslah...hmm len kali suh daddy awal sket :(
Looking forward tuk jumpa lg..

Ms Jade said...

i love it too dahling

we went home around 11pm!!! imagine that!!!

emi around 7 something she waited till megat arrived. Thanks emi!

yeah we should once in a while kuar cenggini. Next time me organize lagi but kalau plan always tak menjadi will do it mengejut mengejut hahahah but not soo soon lerrr karang FAD jadi GABAN pulak hahahahahahahahhahaha

Shadani said...
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Ms Jade said...

alamak!!!!! apasal tak call huhuhu
kalau tak sure gempak!!!!

Shadani said...
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Ms Jade said...


fahya said...

apasal byk delete nih? sensor ker???

Ms Pearl said...

salah ler..."terdelete" hehehehehe
kau tengok aku nye komen tu pun salah
kuar hurul d je...

adoi...nak hupdate kat ms jade esok...
dah lama sangat terbiar nih