Tuesday, May 11, 2010


arghhh kebosanan! - dalam kamus hidup I ini la yang paling I takut. In fact while Im writing this My face look like a bulldog! - silly and lazy! - what happen? seriously tengah bosan nih helppppppppppppppp!

When Im bosan, this is another thing yang paling I takut I tend to speak nothing but the truth. I know sound like fucking poyo kan?

gentle readers who may read this sorry in advance okey? this is me when my mood bersepai or mood tak baik. Bosan!

Pompuan kan? horman kadang okey kadang tak okey. Tak nak layan pegi main jauh jauh! - arghhhhhhhhhhh tolonggggggggg my mulut become so mencala cala!

someone told me thaat she likes to make friend with me because I simply bukan jenis yang hipokrit. Adoi! Little did she know - to tell the truth or to speak only the truth inviting hate, envy and backstab towards me. See??? this is the price that I have to pay tho' everybody knows that The Truth is UGLY!


fahya said...

tangkap ah gamba masa nih ...nak tgkkkkk

Ms Jade said...

nak tengok muka bulldog aku hahahahahahha

not a chance babe! hahahahahahha