Saturday, March 6, 2010

What Better Way to Celebrate Life If Not Through Food - PART II

Everytime I called them up to go for makan makan, these people will ask me question like "Hani? nak celebrate apa apa ke?" - Well I normally will answer no la saja makan after all I got best discount and just wanna chat chat with  you guys.  Anyway My gentle readers, start from today onwards I will bring my answer  to different league. More Classy and Hotzie!  Here we go - "WHAT BETTER WAY TO CELEBRATE LIFE IF NOT THROUGH FOOD" :D Okey tak? hehehehehehehe

Greatest gentle readers of Ms Jade Blog should know already by now which one is Emi, Fahya and Fad hahahaahha even only part of their accecories appeared in this picture! Let me give some clues.  The bangle, Croc and Watch!

I know I know this is not Food! Ini buah buahan! hahaha.  Well gentle readers now please shift your eyeballs to that one tiny edible which has moise chocolate on it! - LET ME TELL UOL ONE THING:  THAT TINY THING WAS THE BOMB! - It's delicious! cair di dalam mulut dan meresap ke lidah hmmmmmm! YES INDEED SINFUL!

Pengat Pisang! - While still panas panas I put chocolate chips kat dalam mangkuk ituew! Trust me Lagi bertambah sedap! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Morocco BBQ Theme BBQ petang itew.  Udang yang fresh! But seriously I bukan la peminat Udang pun ambik lebih lebih ni sebab My friend emi janji nak habiskan! Akhirnya? habis jugak sikit sikit Fad tolong, Fahya tolong, I tolong...Emi???? Babe I dah kenyang babe! JENAYAH MAKANAN! :D

First I like these pictures! Sebab I yang tangkap la semua gambar gambar ni hehe. 

Okey we all sampai rumah mama I petang tu around 5.00pm! The whole family members takde! Oppsss they are all went to One Utama shopping! Yeap! That's Meg. Bukan Propa okey? While I put my princess to nenek's bed coz dia tidur dalam kereta kepenatan...kekenyangan.....Meg buat kerja sendiri. hmmmmm I fikir  dalam banyak banyak kelemahan dia kelebihan yang satu ini buat I tahu that I'm gonna live with him FOREVER! - semoga allah panjangkan usia dan jodoh kami berdua Amin......

 p/s: He sapu sampah rumah my mom - I tak pernah suruh pun..tanggungjawab eh Ms Jade pun banyak kekurangan dan kelemahan I guess ltl thing about me that he nampak thats why he loves me :D

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