Saturday, December 19, 2009


Royale Chulan Kuala Lumpur - Instead of going to Terengganu, Kelantan, Sabah, Sarawak or perhaps Langkawi me and Husband decided to go to Kuala Lumpur on last Friday. Yeap it's KL gentle readers and we enjoyed it so much! We even planned to stay in KL for 3 days 3 nights but something happened like old malays always kata "manusia merancang allah yang tentukan".

Welcome to Royale Chulan (please look at that tall building red block color)

We actually booked for Deluxe Room but then bilik penuh so I GUESS WE WERE LUCKY ENOUGH. Royale Chulan values its clients so? They upgraded our Room instead! with RM352.00 nett our room had been upgraded to Studio Suite that supposed to cost us RM500 + +! Now tell me why can't I LOVE KL so much huh?

Something New: To certain people outthere it could be something old. But for me yang tak banyak berjalan ni first time jumpa hotel nak masuk bilik just touch the card to that circle black thing in that door! Dont you swap your room card no more babe!

White Wall and Blue Carpet very kolonial era I must say! And trust me it is more beautiful than to see it in my blog!

Studio Suite: Microwave, Refrigerator people!

No kidding: You can control the aircond and the room equipped with ceiling fan!

I captured this picture from my room. Is that Istana Hotel?
Or Prince Hotel? I love Bukit Bintang!

Everything you can imagine. Not enough? Call them up and ask for more!

I memang suka hairdryer melekat di dinding.

Thing that I dislike about Royale Chulan: I guess the konsep is 80% the same like Pullman Putrajaya. Imagine you pay for RM500 + + but there is no BATHTUB! well in my case RM352.00 :D. It doesn't matter for others but it matters to me because rumah I takde bathtub lah. So pergi hotel la time untuk berangan macam ikan duyung dalam tub kan?

Clean and fully equiped!

Dinding atas sofa itu terlalu kosong should have satu painting baru la dinding itu memberi makna tersendiri. Otherwise it looks like biasa saja. Oh yes for Studio Suite bilik ini considered kecil. Dah la kecil perabot terlalu banyak! so menambah sempit ruang. Meja bulat dan kerusi itu sepatutnya tak wujud.


I boleh bagi A + sebab tulang belakang rasa lurus saja bila baring atas katil ni


I bagi C + serupa macam Pullman Putrajaya Bantal ya allah lembut tapi keras (tafsir sendiri) sakit tengkuk ku!


Kalau satu keluarga anak lima dengan lima lima anak you all boleh isi dalam almari hahahah bayangkan betapa banyaknya ruang dalam almari itu!

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