Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh dear me naik angin on my treat

Husband was so baik hati. He belanja me hi-tea last sunday. yes that was treat la. Kind of. anyway where did he bring me to? Hmmmm SHANGRI LA Putrajaya. 

I remember the last time I've been there was errrr three years ago? At that time a friend of us,  Zulkefli Adam was still there. He has set up new business that means new restaurant :D. So he is no longer with Shangri La.  Well No reason to go there anymore la kan? No friend no joy no laughter.

Yes Shangri La putrajaya used to be my favorite hotel ever! Oh I just love the ambiance and facilities there!

Hmmmm treat started with me NAIK ANGIN.  My daughter feet apparently has grown bigger faster than her age! She is just 2 years plus and she can't even put on shoes that meant for 5 years old gal! So I kept on trying and trying till my darah naik. You guys can imagine what will happen when perempuan naik darah.  Yeap! Shoes gone! TONG SAMPAH!

Porcelain Doll:  Now I'm angry! Mommy You throw my shoes!!!! You have to buy my shoes!!!! New one!!!!

After one hour I have come to my senses and Yes that was not a good example.  Throwing things in front of PD. Patut boleh derma kepada orang lain kan? Syaitan mana yang merasuk mommy tadi ni. hmm astaghfirullahalazim....

Me:  Okey Balqis I'll buy new shoes for you. I promise okey? 

PD:  Okey



izz said...

hehehehe.. cool mommy! maybe could sell tht shoe via blog eh??

ps; bilalah dpt aku berjumpa dgn mu dan mengambil2 bju2 itewww??? :(

Ms Pearl said...

meh ler aku post je hehehe
hari tu ada kawan aku mengeluh tak dapat zara kau tu hahahahahhaahaha
aku cakap sapa book dia dapat dulu kakakakakkakaka

ZARA LONDON tu hahahahah aku pun bengang bila tang balqis nak pakai dah ketat dek non

mama aku kata macam sarung nangka ahahahahhaha